Creating spaces that are both BEAUTIFUL & FUNCTIONAL

A Stroke of Genius Interiors is a North Vancouver based Interior Design firm offering Interior Design, Decorating, Remodelling and Renovation services throughout the lower mainland. Under the direction of Interior Designer Barbara Aylesworth, A Stroke of Genius Interiors strives to create interior spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Our focus is on small to medium Remodelling and Renovation Projects. We enjoy bringing together the Interior Design elements and the Decorating details involved in the process of creating beautiful and functional spaces.

A space, room or even an entire house can look fabulous, but if it does not function well, it can be very frustrating and create unnecessary daily stress.

We take spaces and transform them to their fullest potential. We start with the basic functions demanded from the space, then layer on the finishes, creating a well thought out environment that is a joy to be in. The design process is a very personal one and is unique to every project. The key to good design is fulfilling the client’s dream.

a stroke of genius interiors remodelled bedroom