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How to Create a Mood Board When Home Redecorating

Getting ready to redecorate? Before you start shopping for paint and pillows you might want to create a mood board first.

If you haven’t heard of a mood board, this article explains what a mood board is and how it helps you in an interior design or remodel project.

Whether you are tackling the design project yourself or working with a designer, a mood board makes it easy to communicate your ideas about the design.

It can be hard to verbalize what you envision in your head. The worst nightmare is thinking your designer or spouse understands you and seeing they had something totally different in mind when the room is done.

A mood board helps you see all the elements displayed together.

Benefits of Mood Boards

Not only can a mood board get your creative juices flowing, but it can also help you in a number of ways.

  • Save Money

    You won’t go on a shopping spree for paints, fabrics and accessories only to find out none of it goes together.

  • Be Focused

    You save time by knowing exactly what you want and buying only the items you need.

  • Visualize

    You can experiment with different looks on the board before committing to them. When you put a swatch of two fabrics or paint colours together you’ll know if that works.

What to Include on Your Mood Board

As you look in magazines, browse online, and search through Pinterest you’ll find ideas for things that match your vision.

Print them and cut them out. Arrange them nicely together on your mood board.

A mood board should include:

  • White poster or foam board.
  • Fabric swatches for curtains, pillows, carpets etc.
  • The colour palette for your main and accent colours
  • Style ideas from rooms with the feeling you want to achieve
  • Furniture pieces
  • Accessories

Cut loose and have fun!

I hope this helps inspire you to create a mood board for your next home decor project! And if you would prefer a professional take care of this for you to ensure an ideal outcome, contact me for a design consultation if you live in the North Vancouver area of BC.

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