Design Tip: Make a Room Comfy and Cozy

Design Tip: Make a Room Comfy and Cozy

Adding textiles and soft furnishings into a room through upholstery, drapery, toss cushions and carpets will absorb sound and make the room cozier.

Emerson Living Room

Have you ever wondered why some rooms in your house are just naturally noisier than others?

Take a look around, chances are they have very little or no soft furnishings fabrics in them. To prove this point, you can do an experiment in your bathroom.

Remove everything that is not attached to the walls and floor. This includes the floor mat, shower curtain, toilet paper, towels, shampoo bottles, etc, etc. Close the door. Now listen for the echo of your voice and how loud the water sounds when you run it. Then, replace everything to where you found it. Now listen to your voice and run the water. Big difference.

Soft items absorb sound and hard surfaces reflect them. This is especially important in a kitchen and bathroom. Even the addition of wallpaper on the walls can make a big difference.

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