Restore with paint design tip

Design Tip: Restore With Paint

Did you know that back in the day, when they built craftsman-style homes for the masses, they would ‘faux wood grain’ the mouldings, doors and trim over inexpensive paint grade wood? This was because the clear stain grade they were imitating was too expensive to install in these homes.  When we are asked to restore these old homes to their former glory, we are often tasked with re-faux wood graining over what a previous owner thought was a good idea to paint out.

In the ‘before’ pic below, the fireplace mantle and posts had been given a coat of white paint and the original brick covered over in pink tile.  The ‘after’ pic shows the fireplace mantle and posts restored with a faux wood grain effect and the face reclad in a beautiful dark green handmade tile to complement the the warm tones of the ‘wood.’

fireplace faux wood redecorating


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