The Fifth Wall - Decorate Your Ceiling Tip

Design Tip: The Fifth Wall: Decorate Your Ceiling

You’ve heard of the sixth sense and the third eye, but have you heard about the fifth wall?

Yes, there is a fifth wall. The ceiling!! Most often, ceilings are forgotten about when decorating a room. If anything, they are given a fresh coat of paint (most likely some form of white) and then forgotten about.

They’re left to dream of a day when they too will be given the same attention as their vertical cousins! However, if you want to make a real statement in any room, address this surface with gusto.

You can paint your ceiling, wallpaper it, clad it in trim, apply silver or gold leaf or adorn it with a mural. The options are endless!

Imagine a beautiful floral wallpaper installed on the ceiling of a bedroom, with all the furniture and accessories in colours pulled from the pattern. I haven’t had the chance to do this one just yet, but I sure am looking forward to it!!

A friend of mine recently installed flamingo wallpaper in her powder room—kind of an ode to old Las Vegas. To take it over the top, we installed silver leaf to the ceiling. This created a stunning finished room that is a treat to be in.

Silver Leaf over Eating Area

Peaked and vaulted ceilings are another opportunity to get really creative. A few years ago I had the pleasure of creating a mural of a beautiful clouded sky in a bedroom with a peaked ceiling.  Take a look!

Sky Mural Ceiling


I’d love to help you refresh and renovate so you get the most out of your home. Whatever your needs, contact me to talk about your next project.


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