Turn Me On and Use Me Design Tip

Design Tip: Turn Me On & Use Me

If you know me, you know I love ‘junque’ (the fancy way to spell junk). I am always on the lookout for unique pieces that I can refurbish, restore, reupholster or recreate into something useful and purposeful.

Recently, upon visiting one of my favourite junk stores, I came across 3 vintage, solid brass pendant lights. They were in very good condition, but the style was outdated. I knew I had to find a project to use one or all of them in.

As luck would have it, my latest project required a unique pendant light in a corner of the living room. I knew one of these would be a perfect fit!! So, I cleaned it up, applied a layer of gold leaf, had it rewired and finished it off with a new shade. I had it fitted with an old fashioned ‘pull chain switch’ so I could put a small bobble at the bottom.  It is so perfect for this special spot in the room.


If you have a vintage piece that you once loved, are tired of or no longer have use for, think of a way to refurbish it.


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