Custom Frame Your Wall Mounted TV

Wall Mounted TV picHow many times have you looked at the ‘big black box” (your TV!) on the wall and wished there was some way you could make it look more appealing?

Installing a frame around your wall mounted TV can turn this most neccessary room electronic into an eye catching addition.
The TV is held in place with velcro strips threaded through hooks at the back of the frame.

It is very easy to do…

You will need:
Custom Frame, made to fit your TV
4-8 ‘D’ Hooks, (available in the picture hanging section of the hardware store)
Velcro Strips
How To:
1). Take EXACT measurements of the TV, being aware of the location of the remote ‘eye’. The ‘eye’ cannot be covered at all by any portion of the frame.
2). Select a frame to suit the decor of your room. Any custom frame shop or your local Michael’s will have a good selection.
3). Before inserting the TV into the frame, attach ‘D’ Rings to the back of the frame. Minimum 2 on top and 2 on bottom. These are used for threading the velcro strips through, to hold the TV in place.

As someone who has worked on many projects with Barbara over the years, I can say that Barb takes a truly professional, friendly approach, and always delivers great results.

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Randy B.
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