Gray Matters: Thoughtfully chosen colours for the interior of your home

Gray Matters. In all the homes I’ve worked in over the years, grayed tones have always been the most popular. Whether it’s brown, green, gold or red – adding a hint of gray not only tones the colour down, but makes it warmer at the same time.

Many people think of gray as being a cool colour. And it can be, depending on the gray chosen. But all the beautiful warm taupes we see being used everywhere are versions of warm grays.

Over the past few years and still moving forward, we will be seeing more and more warm grays being used throughout interior (and exterior) spaces. Colour palettes derived from natures’ wonders are where the inspiration is being drawn from. Tonal variations of driftwood and pebbled beaches accented with splashes of stormy blues and grayed greens give spaces a calming, relaxed feel. Used on walls with contrasting warm whites for ceilings, doors and trim, warm grays can create a very welcoming, comfortable environment.

Think of the interior of your home much as you would your wardrobe. Like a basic black or grey suit, you can tie in trendy, colourful ‘accessories’ to brighten up the space or celebrate the season. Bring in colour with toss cushions, candles, flowers and art pieces. Use your walls, main architectural features and major furniture investments as the backbone to your space. Keep these neutral where possible. You can add a feature wall in a favourite colour picked from a painting if you want a real ‘wow’ factor.

Your home is your greatest investment. It is where you rest, play and entertain. It’s also where you surround yourself with the things you love. Choose colours that bring you peace and harmonize your space. Create an environment you feel comfortable in.

I have had the opportunity to work with Barbara on 4 different projects over the past few years. She has been amazing, she has taken old spaces and made them modern, fresh and inviting.

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