Small Space Solutions: How to Maximize Your Small Dining Area

Small Space Solutions: How to Maximize Your Small Dining Area

Small Space Solutions: How to Maximize Your Small Dining AreaIf you have a large family or love to entertain you know nothing is worse than having a crowd and nowhere to sit down and eat.

Fortunately, this interior designer has small space solutions and dining layouts to make room for everyone.

Practical Small Dining Solutions You’ll Love

CORNER BENCH SEATING. L-shaped seating makes the most of a small space. It hugs the corner and allows for a lot of seating room.

BOOTH. Whenever I have a choice of where to sit in a restaurant I always opt for the booth. Having a booth with 2 benches across from each other with a table in the middle is a favourite space saver.

DROP LEAF TABLE. Drop-leaf tables are super handy in a small kitchen that could use a little extra space.

When the leaf is down you can conserve space. When you require more space, you raise the leaf up.

Smart design isn’t just about the aesthetics, it’s also about functionality. Look at the advantages of these small space dining solutions:

  1. Helps the Flow of Traffic. Without a big table in the middle of the room, guests can easily flow through the space.
  2. Hidden Storage. Benches offer an extra space to store bigger items that may not fit easily in your cupboards.

    With chairs that move or benches that roll, you can add seating or move it as needed.

  3. Colour Accents. When you can, add fabric to a padded bench or toss in a throw pillow, it gives you an extra design element in the room for colour and texture.
  4. Create a Mood. There’s nothing better than plopping down in a comfy space and having a conversation with a friend. Small spaces are intimate and inviting. They create a feeling of togetherness that’s cozy and great for conversation.

Ready to remodel or upgrade your kitchen? Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life with our design consultation. Get started today with our smart space solutions for your kitchen dining area!

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