top 2019 home décor trends to try

5 Top 2019 Home Décor Trends to Try

Can you believe it’s 2019?! We think of the new year as a time to welcome change and make more positive choices, whether it’s a career switch or a fitness commitment.

We also get to see the fresh colours and designs that make their way online and into magazines. There are a lot of beautiful 2019 home décor trends that are going to inspire you.

So, if you’re saying “New Year, New Home” why not give one or all of these interior design ideas a go?

  1. Floral patterns are popping up everywhere.

    Floral patterned wallpaper is big on interior designers’ lists this year. Back in the 18th century when wallpaper started becoming a popular way to decorate homes, it was very costly. The good news: today you’ll find floral patterned wallpaper not just for any taste, but for any budget.

    If covering your walls with flowers is a bit outside your comfort level, introduce floral patterns into your living room or bedroom.  You can use accents such as pillows, bedding, artwork and fresh flowers.

    dark living room 2019 home décor trends

  2. Being bold with back splashes is in.

    For many years solid colours or subtle tile designs dominated kitchen and bathroom back splashes. For example,  soft chestnut and white in a kitchen or all-ivory tiles behind a bathroom sink.

    This year, we’ll see more back splashes that make statements with graphics, bright colours and intricate multi-coloured mosaics.

    You don’t need to go nuts with tile if it’s going to overwhelm a room. Stick to a smaller space, such as behind the sink or across one wall, rather than covering an entire area.

    mosaic tiles 2019 home décor trends

  3. Floors are lightening up.

    While darker walnut and cherrywood are still popular options, light-coloured floors are one of the hottest 2019 home décor trends. People are gravitating towards paler oak and birch to reflect more light and open up living or dining areas.

    Lighter floors look equally stylish for a candlelit dinner party or in a casual cottage living room, making them a wonderful choice for larger homes, townhouses or condos.

    white stair case 2019 home décor trends

  4. Less is more natural.

    Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing sold over a million copies, and it’s impacted home design as well. Many people are moving away from shelves of knickknacks or overly-decorated rooms to cleaner, calmer spaces.

    Look for handmade items made from wood, clay, bamboo and rice paper. Rolled-paper artwork (the technique is called “quilling”) is a trend we saw in holiday cards in 2018, and it’s making its way onto walls everywhere.

  5. Quieter walls speak volumes.

    Some of the latest paint colours to make Pantone’s yearly forecast include muted pastels and lilac grey. These softer paint colours serve double duty. They give any room a soft, soothing look, and hide scuffs and marks well – ideal for higher-traffic areas or kids’ spaces.

    Muted pastels or lilac greys offer the perfect backdrop for natural or minimalist design. They also change hues depending on the lighting, so you can create a sunnier space with natural light or a warmer, richer room with lamps.


One of the most wonderful things about these new interior design ideas is that you don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your whole house – unless you want to!

Whether you bring floral patterned wallpaper into your living room or declutter your space and use a more minimalist design technique, it’s all about going at your own pace. Choose items that are going to bring you comfort and happiness when you’re at home.

Want more paint-related interior design ideas? Read our blog about choosing paint colours.

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