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New & Unique Holiday Décor Ideas

 Looking for unique holiday décor for every room in the house? 

While traditional Christmas trees and green garlands along the banister are what we think of when we start decorating, why not contemporize with unique holiday décor ideas this year ?

 You don’t have to stick with what you’ve always done, and it doesn’t take much to find new and unique holiday décor that will take this season to another level!
That said, if you’re not sure about adding unique contemporary holiday décor to every room, don’t worry – you can easily incorporate more subtle touches however you like throughout your home. This isn’t all-or-nothing advice, and the aesthetic works no matter how much or how little you bring into your space.


A great place to start is with your Christmas tree.

This is an ideal way to take a little decorative risk that will look beautiful and impress your guests, without overhauling all your decorations.
You could:

  • Choose a dazzling colour for your tree. Whether you love pink or royal blue, opt for a non-green tree colour that stands out.
  • Add ribbons and bows. Choose tartan ribbons or bright red bows instead of or in addition to ornaments to bring a touch of opulence to your Christmas tree.
  • Order an ombre tree for maximum glam. Just like the popular hair-highlighting technique, you can get a tree that features two colours blending into each other – for example, black into gold.

There are many examples and DIY tutorials online to help you achieve this unique look.

Go dramatic at the dinner table.

unique christmas decor red
This is another simple way to bring unique holiday décor into one part of your home without committing to too much. Ideas to uniquely dress up your dinner party include:

  • Gold flatware, metallic serving pieces and candlesticks
  • Black and white table settings with cranberry garlands or rustic twigs
  • Tablecloths and napkins in rich red, burgundy or deep green with a timeless white plate set
  • A eucalyptus and rose garland that runs down the table’s centre

All that glitters is gold (or any other colour).

From sparkly pillows to accented ornaments, glitter has become a unique holiday décor staple for many people who want to upgrade their Xmas style.
You can find spray glitter to jazz up your Christmas tree, garlands, candles, gift boxes and more. Source your local 2nd hand shops for gently used silver trays to use as chargers.

Aim for a rustic aesthetic.

unique christmas rustic red
The farmhouse look is popular year-round, and the holidays are no different. Create a cozy space with reclaimed wood accents, handwritten name tags and greenery such as evergreen branches and pinecones. The key here: less is more. This elegant holiday décor style is about subtle overtones rather than overdone with too many accents. No need to purchase new, strictly seasonal décor. Use what you have in creative, festive ways. Use unusual items as candles holders such as a unique teacup, sugar bowl or plate.

Stay in neutral.

It might sound plain, but having neutral, contemporary holiday décor makes it easy to bring a pop of colour to the overall look. Choose a neutral tree, stockings to hang and table linens and then use gold and champagne or bold red and green accents to keep your space inviting yet festive.
If the idea of rehauling your whole style this season makes you uncomfortable, remember that you don’t have to make drastic changes to make elegant holiday décor a part of your aesthetic. You can choose to go big or small when it comes to contemporary holiday décor and either way, it will look beautiful.

Happy decorating and even happier holidays!

Whether you want to upgrade your living space or update your bathroom, I’m here to help. I can give you design advice; assist you with choosing paint colours, window coverings, bedding and accessories and search out elegant holiday decor.  Contact me today to see what we can create together this holiday season!

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