Custom Drapery & Window Treatments

Custom Drapery & Window Treatments

Reinvent Any Room with Custom Drapery and Window Treatments

When you think of home decorating, drapery probably doesn’t spring to mind. You may imagine new furniture or fresh paint colours, or how you can revitalize your space with a different type of décor.

But bringing in customized window treatments is a unique way to update your home. Many people go into a home décor or department store and pick out drapery—either in a bag or hanging on a rack.

These options are usually inexpensive and come in trendy colours and patterns. But often, they are not lined and come with limited choices of style choices.

The Benefit of Custom Window Coverings

While there’s nothing wrong with them, there are however several advantages to choosing custom drapery. For instance, the biggest benefit of buying custom window coverings is the unique, high-quality style you can add to your space.

With ready-made window coverings, you’re limited to the designs that the manufacturer decides on.  With custom drapes, the sky’s the limit. No matter what colour or pattern you want, the finished product is going to fit into your home beautifully.

And you can choose whatever header style you desire – Pinch Pleats, Inverted Pleats, Grommet Top, Rod Pocket, Tab Top, Flat Panel – in any length a width you require, lined or unlined.

custom window coverings

Here are 5 other benefits to opting for customized window treatments:

  1. You always get the ideal size.

There’s no such thing as a “standardized” window. As a result, store-bought drapes are often too long, too short or too wide. Because custom window treatments are measured to your specifications, you always get the right proportions.

  1. They add privacy.

One of the best ways to make an area more intimate is to add sheer curtains with drapery panels to your windows. That way, you can close the sheers throughout the day to still let in a natural glow. At night you can draw the drapery panels for privacy.
You can opt for a black outlining that will block the light for those with sleep issues.

  1. They can prevent sun damage.

When the sun shines through the windows into your home, the UV rays can damage your furniture and flooring. But with the use of window treatments (drapes, sheers blinds) you can prevent this from happening and protect your furniture, flooring, paint and décor.

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  1. They are a quality product.

The professional craftsmanship of customized window treatments ensures quality from start to finish. Fabrics and styles are chosen for the specific end-use in mind because they are not mass-produced, so a higher level of care is taken when making your product.

  1. You’ve got add-on options.

Not only is there a virtually unlimited number of fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from, but you can also add all sorts of bands, trims and accessories. Whether you want a cuffed top, banded bottom, fringe on the sides or just perfectly tailored panels, it can be done!

From tying together your living room to adding a splash of colour to your bedroom, customized drapery is functional and beautiful in any space.

Let me help you create a unique look for any room of your home with customized window treatments. Contact me today.

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