Design Tip: Custom Shower Curtain

Why not treat your bathroom to a custom shower curtain.

You can coordinate it with the bedding, drapery and décor in the adjacent room. In this guest bathroom, we used the same fabric for the shower curtain as we did on the custom headboard in the adjoining bedroom.

Some suggestions for a designer look:

  • Alena shower curtainCustomize the header style. You can choose pinch pleats, grommets or ripple fold. Take the curtain right up to the ceiling to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Instead of a standard shower curtain rod, go for a more stylish drapery rod.
  • There are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from, however, make sure they are suitable for a damp environment. Polyester, acrylic or a poly/cotton blend would be best. If you are using cotton, prewash before making the curtain to avoid shrinkage. I would avoid linen as it will stretch out and grow with the moisture in the room.
  • You will still need to add a liner so the water stays within the tub/shower enclosure. Opt for a washable, water repellant fabric liner (over vinyl) with weights so it stays put when the spray is on.

Taking on this project yourself? Send me your pics.

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