Design Tip Hang Your Drapery as High as Possible

Design Tip: Hang Your Drapery as High as Possible

Alana Living Room DraperyThis makes the ceiling feel higher and the room look larger. If you are using side panels only (ones that will not be drawn, extend the rod across the entire width the window to make it appear as though the drapery is fully functional.

Custom drapery vs store bought, readymade. In my opinion, custom drapery is not a luxury.

It is a necessity if you want your home to look finished. Store bought, readymade drapes are generally unlined and the sizes, styles, colours and fabrics can be very limited.

Custom drapes allow you to get exactly what you want. Long, short, pleated, ripple fold, lined, unlined, blackout, pull or corded, electric or manual.

The options are endless. You are limited only by your imagination.

Contact me today about how customized window treatments can transform your living space.

I have had the opportunity to work with Barbara on 4 different projects over the past few years. She has been amazing, she has taken old spaces and made them modern, fresh and inviting.

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