Design tip Combine the Past and Present

Design Tip: Combine the Past & Present for Beautiful Results

Blending old and new can be a beautiful thing. I love decorating my home with a mix of cherished treasures and newly purchased items. It makes my home look and feel like everything has been thoughtfully collected over time.

As long as the item is of good quality, I don’t mind spending a little time and money to make it work with my décor.

Kind of like a time traveller, I sit in my newly purchased chair and thumb through my collection of vintage magazines, all under the light of my MCM lamp! What I have learned from all of this page-flipping is that that the fundamental principles of interior design and decorating haven’t really changed much over the past 70-some-odd years.

using old and new furniture

It’s always been about mixing prints and patterns, colours and textures and light and dark. What has changed are the advancements in technology when it comes to the fixtures and finishes that make up our homes.

Things like fabrics, lighting, paint and wallcoverings have all vastly improved over the years so they are more durable, efficient and user-friendly.

It’s never been easier to combine the beauty of what was and what is!

First rate! Barb listens carefully, reaches wide to find exactly the items that will make the finish special.

She’s patient, has a great eye for colour and fabrics and has exceptional attention to de… Read more

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