Design Tip Adding An Interior Designer

Design Tip: A Few Words from Mike Holmes About Interior Designers

“Adding an interior designer to the job can help streamline the build and save money!” Mike Holmes

While reading the Province newspaper in October 2020, I came across an article written by Mike Holmes. I thought: finally, a person with a very loud voice is singing the praises of interior designers!

Most people think that us designers are just involved in the project to make things look nice. However, we bring a lot more to the table than that.

An interior designer doesn’t just advise you on paint colours and furniture selections. They can also assist you with planning out your space and choosing materials.

See, you may think that because you have the contractor all lined up, the rest will take care of itself. However, by leaving it all up to the contractor you are forgetting an integral part of the equation.

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Where the contractor is well-versed in the aspects of the construction, the designer brings space planning, functionality and aesthetics to the project. When combined, these two professionals make up an invaluable team that ensures everything runs smoothly.

Because nothing is worse than having something installed only to discover that it doesn’t look good, or that there was something better just around the corner!

Interior designers can save you time and money by sourcing materials and finishes that will give you the best end result—while sticking to your budget.

We have the knowledge and experience to create a space that not only functions ideally but looks great too. And who doesn’t want that? Let’s chat!


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