Design Tip: A Rose By Any Other Name…

I need to admit something: I have a love of junk! I have collected a lot of those still useful and/or beautiful items that their original owners have tossed aside.

That chair by the side of the road, a lamp with a broken switch and/or no shade, an old teapot missing its lid…In my mind, these are just diamonds in the rough, that given a chance, could easily be transformed into a beautiful, useful item once again.

As long as a piece has ‘good bones’, I believe you can take it places it never knew it could go! My home is full of these types of treasures. With all their flaws, quirks and squeaks, I love all of them. It’s kind of like bringing home a stray animal from the shelter. These furry cast-offs, once given a bit of love, will give you years of enjoyment!

The chair in the first photo was cast off into a wood pile, intended for the wood stove! The frame is solid oak and was hand carved by someone a long time ago.

old chair

I stripped it clean of the old upholstery, straw and springs then gave it a good scrub with soap and water. I lightly sanded it before applying a wash of light blue paint. Once the paint was dry, it was given another light sand and a clear coat to seal it all in. I used a small fabric remnant as the cover for the new seat.

chair after

Now, this beautiful little chair sits proudly at my front door welcoming guests and offering a place to sit while they’re putting on (or taking off) shoes. Not bad for an old chair that was destined to be firewood!

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