Design Tip: Do You Want a Single or a Double?

When I am designing a kitchen for a client, one of the first items we discuss is the sink. I ask them if they want a large, single bowl sink or a double bowl sink.

When making this decision, you really need to think about YOUR cooking and dishwashing habits. Do you use the sink to just rinse dishes, glasses and cutlery, then pop them in the dishwasher?

Are you an avid cook or baker that has large pots, pans or bakeware to wash? Do you use the sink strictly for washing dishes, pots and pans, or do you like to rinse and/or soak your vegetables? These are all questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.

Back in the day, before every home had a dishwasher, a double bowl sink was all the rage. You could wash dirty dishes in one bowl with sudsy water, while using the other bowl for rinsing and drying.

double bowl sinks

The current trend today favours a large, single bowl sink. A single bowl sink allows larger pots and pans to be washed more easily, and those with deeper bowls keep stacked dirty dishes hidden from view.

Kraus 'Standart Pro' Sink

There is no right or wrong answer here. They both have their pros and cons. Just dig down deep and ask yourself how you really use your kitchen sink. If you have a garburator, perhaps a double bowl sink is best for you. If you have limited space, a single bowl sink may be the ideal solution.

Super Tip: If you want to upgrade your sink, but do not want to change your countertop, opt for a drop-in model, instead of an undermount.

Let us help you pick the right kitchen sink for your lifestyle, let’s chat.


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