Design Tip Cabinet Drawers vs Doors

Design Tip: Cabinet Drawers vs Doors

There are many ways to incorporate more storage into any space. One of my favorite solutions is to install drawers into a client’s kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

This is a clever and economical way to increase storage without replacing the original cabinet. This allows you to simply pull the drawer open to access items at the back, instead of bending down and reaching into the back of the cabinet.

Emerson Kitchen Before and After

All cabinets (whether kitchen, bathroom or otherwise) are simply ‘boxes’. Some just stay that way, with doors on the front. Some are fitted with drawers and have drawer fronts…that’s it.

So, if you want your cabinets to have drawers, not door fronts, have a carpenter install drawers. At the same time, you can change out the style and colour of the door and drawer fronts, install new hardware and voila, you have new kitchen or bathroom cabinetry!


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