Design Tip Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Design Tip: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Do mirrors really make a space look larger?

Not really. Unless you have something interesting to reflect, mirrors can make a space look dark and cluttered. For example, if you have wall-to-wall mirrors installed along one wall in your room, the only things it is reflecting are the furnishings in the room.

Emerson Living Room Entry Mirror on Wall

If you position the furnishings so they face they mirror, then the room will appear to be larger. If you face the furniture away from the mirrors, you will create a ‘wall’ with the backs of the furniture pieces.  Make sense?

I have seen mirrors (framed and unframed) installed in the most unusual places. In stairwells, too high up to reflect anything but the ceiling, as a “lone wolf” on a wall where absolutely no one would ever travel to look at themselves. And even on the floor to see yourself as you step out of the tub (not only weird but very dangerous)!

However, if you have an amazing view to the outdoors or city skyline, you can strategically place mirrors close to the window to expand that view. Or, if you want to create a ‘window’ where there isn’t one, install mirrors above doors and windows, trim out using the same trim as said door or window and you have yourself a ‘window’ transom.

Or, you can always use them as they were meant to be used, to check yourself out. When mirrors were first invented, they were referred to as a ‘looking glass’, to see your reflection.

A mirror placed strategically at the entry to your home is wonderful so you can ‘check yourself out’ as you head out the door.


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