Design Tip: Don’t Play Where’s Waldo? with Your Decor

Displaying all your treasures all at once may seem like a good idea, but it creates chaos and clutter. It makes it difficult to focus on any one item, lessening the overall visual value of any given piece.

In the photos featured, there are several beautiful teapots on display. In the first image, you can’t find them for all the clutter. They are mixed in with a scattering of cookbooks, vases, photographs and knickknacks. Your eye can’t focus on any one object and the overall display is overwhelming.

In the second image, we chose a few select pieces that held special meaning for my client, with a few cookbooks easily at hand. The third image shows the items pared down yet again, with the teapots now displayed on their own.

There is a fine balance between a good display and clutter. Remember, less is more!

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