Trim Out Your Windows Tip

Design Tip: A Case in Point – Trim Out Your Windows

By adding trim (or, ‘casing out’ your windows) to your windows you will make your windows appear larger, the room brighter and, more natural light will be reflected into your home! Unless you sleep during the day and require total darkness, who doesn’t want a bright, light, airy room?!

Let me explain. If you do not have trim around your windows, the window jamb (the vertical area around the window) is likely painted the same colour as the wall. Dark colours absorb light, while light colours reflect them. The deeper the colour, the more the light is absorbed, thus casting a darker light into your room. By casing out the window, the jamb becomes part of the trim and is painted the same colour (generally a colour in the white spectrum).

Also, before adding trim, the jamb was likely painted in a flat or eggshell finish. Different sheen levels of paint react to light in a similar fashion as colour. A flat paint finish absorbs light while higher sheen paints reflect the light. So, if your window jamb and casings are painted in a satin, semi or a glossy white, the light will bounce right into your room.

The photos below are a perfect example of a window before and after having trim installed.

adding window trim

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