Design Tip Sit Back and Relax with the Right Cushions

Design Tip: Sit Back and Relax with the Right Cushions

Cynthia Designer Guild Cushions

Toss cushions that aren’t properly filled don’t feel or look good. Polyester-filled toss cushions are generally firm and can go lumpy or flat very quickly. And those awful foam-filled cushions, well, let’s not go there!

Like the Three Bears, too little is floppy, too much is hard, but just right is perfect! The perfect toss cushion has a combination of feather/down as fill. The standard is 90/10, but 50/50 is the most luxurious.

They are fluffy, soft and hold a chop. When you lean into them it’s like drifting into a cloud. If you are allergic to feather/down you can opt for a high-quality synthetic material that replicates the feel of down.

The fabric you use for the cushion is as important as the fill. Often when you purchase a sofa or chair from a big box store, they will throw in a few toss cushions made from the same upholstery fabric and filled with polyester.

Please, do yourself a favour and decline the offer. Instead, go out and find some beautiful toss cushions, or have some custom made in a fabulous fabric that will complete the look of your room and add that extra touch of quality and luxury.

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