Design Tip: Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Do not overlook the exterior finishes of your home. They are just as important as the finishes you select for the interior!

So many homes are sorely lacking in style and curb appeal. Their windows have no trim, the front door has been left unpainted, or worse yet there is a garage door crying out for some love.

You can transform the exterior of your home simply by adding trim to the windows. Even if you paint the trim the same colour as the body of the house, this simple detail will elevate your home from Builder’s Special to Beautifully Custom!

Here are the before and after photos of a home where we installed window trim:


We painted the house a warm white with contrasting dark blue trim and doors. We covered the red brick with a plaster technique referred to as German Schmear.

Find out how we can transform the exterior of your home, contact us today.



Barb has recently completed an entire renovation of our home’s interior. She had worked with us 13 years ago,
and we are so grateful to have found her again!

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