How to Create a Welcoming, Wonderful Guest Room for Summer

How to Create a Welcoming, Wonderful Guest Room for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with it may come visitors—from vacationing family to friends in town for a few days.

We’re going to look at summer bedroom ideas that will transform your home into a welcoming oasis, depending on the space and budget you have available.

  1. Remodelling an entire room.

    If you’re able to have a dedicated spot in your home for guests, you can look at everything from paint colours and furniture to bedding and draperies.
    You want this area to flow with the rest of the rooms in your home, and to be a place that weary travellers will feel comfortable and cozy in. Here are some guest room décor tips:

    • Choose a warm and inviting colour palette. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to guest room décor, you want to create an area that welcomes people of all ages and tastes.
      Soft neutrals with pops of colour, for example, are appealing to everyone.
    • Pay close attention to lighting and draperies. If you’re starting from scratch with window coverings and lighting, you have lots of options. Depending on how much natural light the space gets, you can pick draperies that will block out early-morning rays.
      You can choose bedside lamps that will give off a nice amount of light for guests who want to read before they turn in.
    • Match artwork or framed photographs to your design scheme, rather than decorating with family photos. Save the memories with your loved ones for the rest of the house so your guests feel like they have their own space.

    Think about what you like to see when you stay in a hotel and try to offer that experience to your loved ones.

  2. Decorating a spare bedroom that’s sometimes an office.

    Many people don’t have dedicated guest quarters. In this case, you want to maximize space and minimize clutter. Consider the following:

    • Install shelving to store books, office supplies and essentials for guests (see below). Combined office/summer bedroom ideas: nautical- or beach-themed décor, gauzy white curtains that will blow in the breeze, subtle touches of coral, yellow or light green.
    • Consider investing in a wall (murphy) bed. These can turn a one purpose room into a multi-functional space in just a few minutes. One local source is Resource Furniture.
      Check them out at Another option is a daybed or platform storage bed that doubles as a couch when you’re working in the office.
      When you’re decorating a spare bedroom, these options are one of the best investments you can make.
    • Keep your guest room essentials all together for quick and easy access. Invest in some high-quality linens and bedding, so people have a soft bed and plush towels no matter what part of the house they’re staying in.

    Guest room mordern style


    • Ensure all the bedding is washed and toiletries are refreshed after each stay. Essentials should include: Pillows and cases, set of sheets, set of towels (bath and face), toothpaste, extra tooth brushes, soap, lotions, a few books and magazines.
    • Make sure your guests have a spot in the room to place their luggage and hang up a few items.
    • Dimmer lights that can be turned up when you need to focus on work, and turned down when it’s time for guests to relax.
  3. Putting guests in another place.

    It happens—we don’t all live in large homes that allow us to totally cater to out-of-towners. If you need to put visitors on an air mattress in your basement, don’t fret. You can still make everyone feel welcome—you just need to be a bit creative. Here’s how:

    • Add a pretty partition or folding screen to give your visitors a bit of privacy, whether they’re sleeping, changing clothes or reading.

    Summer Guest Bedroom interior light modern style


    • Incorporate welcoming touches wherever you can, such as a bedside table and lamp, magazines, fresh flowers, essential oils, cushy robes or even a bowl of candies.

    A clean, fresh and inviting space promises your guests a good night’s sleep and let’s them know they are welcome.

    If you’re decorating a spare bedroom, need to maximize another space in your home or are creating something from scratch, I can design, coordinate and manage your project so it is done right, on time and on budget—no job is too small! Contact me today!

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