The Best Summer 2019 Design Trends for Your Home

The Best Summer 2019 Design Trends for Your Home

Summer is here!! That means it’s time to think about fresh décor trends! I always find it so refreshing to lighten and brighten up the look of my home when it starts feeling warmer.

Need a little help incorporating hot décor trends into your place? Here are some tips from an interior decorator on what styles will work best in your home, including decorating a small space.

  1. Bold animal prints

    You may be thinking: aren’t animal prints more suited to winter? Actually, they work really well year-round. Think about a zebra or leopard print—doesn’t it make you think of the hot desert sun?

    This look can work in so many different spaces, from a big house to a smaller condo, but be careful you don’t overdo it. Think a rug, a piece of artwork or even a set of dining room chairs, but not wallpaper for four walls or five different pieces.

  2. Bright splashes of colour

    This may seem like a no-brainer for summer, but each year brings another “it” colour or colours. This year’s winner is yellow. From turmeric-coloured dresses to pastel wall coverings, yellow is everywhere.

    Because each year has new hot décor trends when it comes to colour, you’re best not to paint every wall or buy all-new yellow furniture, unless that’s what you want to do!

    One idea is to bring in yellow throw cushions, accessories or linens—that way, you’re not committed to a sun-coloured living room or all-gold bedroom for the rest of the year.

    Find out why getting a colour consultation is a good idea.

    Lighten up your window treatments Living Room

  3. Lighten up your window treatments

    Many of us like having heavier window coverings in the colder months. Not only do they block out the sight of rain or snow, but they also lend a cozy feeling to the room, especially when they’re weightier fabrics in cold-weather colours like burgundy or navy blue.

    One of the summer 2019 design trends—and we see it pretty much every year—is adding gauzy, light curtains or window coverings to the living room or bedroom. That way, you can let the light in but still block out the sun when it’s really hot or too bright.

    This can be perfect when decorating a small space: open, flowing curtains will make a tinier area seem open and bright.

  4. Don’t forget your great outdoors

    One of the easiest ways to change up your home’s look is by adding fun and colourful patio furniture and accessories. It’s a simple, non-committal way to welcome a new season.

    If you’re decorating a more condensed space, look for smaller-sized bistro table and chairs to brighten up your garden. If you have a larger room, you can choose more expansive, colourful patio furniture that spans an entire balcony.

Whether you have a little room or a lot, consult with an interior decorator to turn your summer ideas into reality. Contact us to see how we can help.

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